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Matt Beem, Hartsook President and CEO

February 2017

Growing Philanthropy with the Boy Scouts of America
Hartsook Companies, Inc. has a decades-long tradition of helping grow philanthropy for Boy Scouts of America (BSA) councils. Hartsook provides local councils with professional fundraising management and expertise. The Hartsook team helps improve councils' major gift prospect identification, qualification, cultivation and solicitation; grant research and proposal writing; campaign assessments; estate giving; annual fund planning and implementation; leadership development and more.

To learn how Hartsook can assist your local council email [email protected]
or call us at (866) 630-8500.


A Scout is Clean

Clean: spotless, scrubbed, free from unwanted material.

The Boy Scouts of America's ethos to Leave No Trace is " attitude rather than a set of rules. It applies to your backyard and local park as much as in the backcountry. We should all practice this in our thinking and actions - wherever we go."


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Make your appointment today to meet with a member of the Hartsook team at the 2017 Central Region All Hands Conference in French Lick, Ind., April 5-7 to be entered to win a Fitbit Blaze and the complete ASR Media Library ($250 value). Email [email protected] to schedule your appointment today.


Schedule Now to Meet with Hartsook in Orlando at the National Annual Meeting
Schedule an appointment now for a one-on-one fundraising meeting with Hartsook Senior Vice President Ross Pfannenstiel at the 2017 National Annual Meeting, May 24-26 to be entered to win a Fitbit Blaze and the complete ASR Media Library ($250 value). Stop by the Hartsook booth and learn how we can help your council raise more money than ever!


Serving BSA Councils from Coast to Coast and Around the World
Hartsook has assisted Boy Scouts of America councils from coast to coast and in Europe, including the following councils:

BSA Blackhawk Area Council
Rockford, Ill.

BSA Boston Minuteman Council
Milton, Mass.

BSA Cradle of Liberty Council
Wayne, Pa.

BSA Crater Lake Council
Central Point, Ore.**

BSA Dan Beard Council
Cincinnati, Ohio

BSA Grand Canyon Council

BSA Grand Teton Council
Idaho Falls, Idaho*

BSA Greenwich Council
Greenwich, Conn.**

BSA Heart of America Council
Kansas City***

BSA Hudson Valley Council
Salisbury Mills, N.Y.**

BSA Mississippi Valley Council
Quincy, Ill.

BSA National Capital Area Council
Bethesda, Md.

BSA National Council
Irving, Texas**

BSA Northern New Jersey Council
Oakland, N.J.

BSA PeeDee Area Council
Florence, S.C.

BSA Pine Burr Area Council
Hattiesburg, Miss.

BSA Quivira Council
Wichita, Kan.**

BSA Susquehanna Council
Williamsport, Pa.

BSA Texas Southwest Council
San Angelo, Texas

BSA Trails West Council
Belleville, Ill.**

BSA Transatlantic Council

BSA Westark Area Council
Fort Smith, Ark.**

BSA Westchester-Putnam Council
Hawthorne, N.Y.

BSA Western Los Angeles Council
Van Nuys, Calif.

*Each asterisk represents an additional council engagement


Ask Hartsook!
Do you have a tough fundraising question?
Send your questions to [email protected] and we will respond by email. Your question may be featured in a future eHartsook on Scouting.

QUESTION: We are considering our first capital campaign. What would be some of the best advice you give us as we plan ahead?

Facing a capital campaign can be daunting. One thing that will set you on course for success is to choose effective committee members. A campaign steering committee prospect must be willing to attend meetings and participate in the process in an active way. You don't want a committee member whose only involvement is their name on the campaign materials. The right person for the job must be someone willing to make a substantial gift to the campaign themselves and someone willing to use their influence to encourage others to join the campaign. If you build your campaign steering committee with prospects who share these traits, you'll already be on your way to achieving your fundraising goals

- John Warren, Executive Vice President (Winchester, Va.) [email protected]


Book Deal of the Month
In Nobody Wants to Give Money Away! (ASR Media), Hartsook Founder and Chair Bob Hartsook, details his nine principles for raising major gifts, starting with, "Nobody wants to give away money." Learn the principles that helped him raise billions of dollars. Go here for a special price of $10 (plus shipping and handling).


Get to Know the Hartsook Team
Hartsook Executive Vice President Bud Cooper, who is beginning his 18th consecutive year with the firm, has assisted a variety of organizations in their fundraising efforts. Bud was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer. He was a Boy Scout with Troop 2—one of the oldest troops west of the Mississippi still in active service; it is now part of Quivira Council in Kansas. As an adult, Bud was a Scout Leader. He helped form new troops in three communities. Prior to joining Hartsook, he was the Executive Director of Development for The Salvation Army of Kansas and Western Missouri. He holds a Doctorate from the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary, a Master of Divinity from Saint Paul School of Theology, a liberal arts degree from Labette Community College and a Bachelor's degree from Pittsburg State University. Bud was named the 2013 Cardinal Citation Award recipient for lifetime achievement by Labette Community College (LCC) and the LCC Alumni Association.


Strategies for Success: Honoring the Donor's Hard-Earned Money
Donors give for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways, and money flows to where it's appreciated. Large gifts may require institutions to stretch their imaginations and step out of their box to accept these gifts. Otherwise, they should expect gifts to flow elsewhere. Go here to read more from Hartsook Founder and Chair Bob Hartsook.


Hartsook's Growing Philanthropy Tour
Hartsook speakers are members of the Hartsook team of professional fundraising consultants who have, in their collective careers, raised more than $231 billion in their 300-plus years of experience. To view upcoming Growing Philanthropy Tour presentations. To view a sample of past presentations. To schedule a Hartsook consultant to speak at your conference or organization, email Tammy at [email protected].

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