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For years, we have shared this classic end-of-the-year blog post from our Founder and Chairman Bob Hartsook on how important it is for fundraisers to show up and stay focused, particularly as the year ends. We hope you enjoy it! More importantly, we hope it inspires you to finish this year with great success! To discover how Hartsook can help your organization make 2017 the most successful ever, email us at [email protected]


Global Social Enterprise Advancing Entrepreneurship

Soles4Souls (Old Hickory, Tenn.) is a global social enterprise committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing. Hartsook is providing fundraising support as the organization seeks to fulfill its vision to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. Soles4Souls serves as a second-wave responder during disaster relief, then its micro-enterprise model provides long-term solutions to poverty by providing entrepreneurs the ability to start and maintain small businesses.


Supporting Youth and Families in Ghana

Fever Relief Fund (Atlanta, Ga.) is a grassroots organization with the goal of coming to the aid of Ghana's poorest individuals and families and addressing needs through a holistic approach to community development. Hartsook is assisting the organization in its efforts to expand its philanthropy. Fever Relief Fund was established to inspire and motivate youth to become involved in community activities, set goals and take responsibility for their own lives and neighborhoods.

image Creating Exceptional Learning Opportunities in Loudoun County Virginia

The Loudon Education Foundation (Ashburn, Va.) seeks private funding and resources to enhance the quality of education for Loudoun County Public Schools by supporting projects that stimulate students' curiosity and create exceptional learning opportunities. Hartsook will provide ongoing counsel to help the foundation achieve its fundraising goals.


Humanitarians of the Year: Terry and Betty Snapp

Hartsook Executive Vice President Terry Snapp and his wife, Betty, were honored this year as Truman Heartland Community Foundation's Humanitarians of the Year. Betty founded the Sunshine Center to serve children with disabilities. She has been on the boards of Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity and The Groves, among others. Terry executive director of the Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation and executive director of SHARE. He's been on the boards of Outreach International and Camp Quality USA, and helped found the Independence Community Foundation. Said Terry, "The award caught us by surprise, but we feel really good when we can multiply what we do by involving others."


$231 Billion Raised and Counting

When Hartsook began its ascension as a national leader in growing philanthropy, it was a small, ambitious voice among many uninspiring commentators. Today, the firm - whose world headquarters is in Kansas City - is an international force that has helped nonprofits raise well over $230 billion. For over 30 years, Hartsook Founder and Chairman Bob Hartsook has challenged the status quo, and nobody in the world has had a greater impact on the fundraising profession than Bob. Now, Bob's new book, $231 Billion Raised and Counting, co-authored with Hartsook CEO & President Matt Beem and Senior Executive Vice President & Hartsook Co-Founder Karin Cox, has the potential to influence even more fundraisers in how they view the profession and grow philanthropy. Order your copy here.


eHartsook on Scouting archives

Hartsook provides local BSA councils with operational fundraising management. Together, Hartsook and BSA councils have raised millions of dollars. Stay up to date with Hartsook's online resource eHartsook on Scouting.


Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy: Dejie (Sophie) Kong

Sophie is a PhD student and the lab manager of Plymouth Charity Lab at Plymouth University's Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy. She is deeply committed to the growth of philanthropy in people's lives through academic research and professional practice. Her primary research interests lie in charity marketing, donor behavior, and effective fundraising methods in the digital space. She has worked with nonprofits in the US, UK, China, and Australia.

image Strategies for Success: Cast a Wider Net

Organizations often miss out on grants because they take a narrow view of their mission and meaningful work. Don't miss out on potential funding. Think big. Expand your horizons and cast a wider net. Hartsook Executive Vice President Norma Murphy shares tips for casting a wider net when researching potential grants and gifts to your nonprofit. Go here to read more from Hartsook Executive Vice President Norma Murphy.

Hartsook's Growing Philanthropy Tour

Hartsook speakers are members of the Hartsook team of professional fundraising consultants who have, in their collective careers, raised more than $231 billion and counting in their 300-plus years of experience. Click here to see upcoming Growing Philanthropy Tour presentations. To view a sample of past presentations, click here. To schedule a Hartsook consultant to speak at your conference or organization, email Tammy at [email protected].


Hartsook Serves Nonprofits From Every Sector and Around the World

Whether a nonprofit is undergoing a multi-million dollar campaign or needs help growing its giving potential, Hartsook is committed to its clients' fundraising success. Hartsook clients represent a diverse group of nonprofits from a wide variety of sectors: education, healthcare, performing arts, social services, religious organizations, policy think tanks, assisted living, and many others. You can view a list of recent Hartsook clients here.


Looking for a Rewarding Career?

Hartsook Companies, Inc. expects to attract at least one hundred new fundraising managers over the next 36 months. Onsite fundraising managers will be deployed to projects throughout the United States and eventually in Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Hartsook is beginning the process of attracting those interested in joining the world's largest fundraising consulting practice. Placements will support fundraising for visual and performing arts, education, youth development, safety net, healthcare and international engagement organizations. If you are interested in learning more, contact Danny Kohrs, Vice President of Operations at [email protected].

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