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Karin L. Cox, MFA - Editor July 2016

Not Just Another Fundraising Summit!

Join Hartsook in Kansas City to meet personally with leaders in fundraising education, applied research and journalism - all on one stage, at the same time. Headliners include Adrian Sargeant, Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, Plymouth University, London; and Jen Shang, the first PhD from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University and the Director of Hartsook Centre's Charity Lab will conduct live applied fundraising research during the Summit. Paul Clolery, editor of The NonProfit Times will be interviewed by Hartsook Founder Bob Hartsook and a panel of Foundation Leaders. Free admission is available for all those receiving eHartsook on Philanthropy. For more information on what Hartsook can do for your organization, email [email protected].


2016 Inspired Fundraising Summit, August 15
The 2016 Inspired Fundraising Summit will be held at Avila University (Kansas City), August 15. This event is a must for fundraisers, CEOs, Executive Directors, nonprofit professionals at all levels in their careers, philanthropists and board members. This year's speakers are Paul Clorley, Vice President and editorial director of NonProfit Times; and Professors Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang of the newly named Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy in the United Kingdom. For more information, email [email protected].


Hartsook: 30 Years of Growing Philanthropy Worldwide
On April 1, 1987 when Hartsook began its ascension as a national leader in growing philanthropy, we were a small, ambitious voice. Today, we have grown into an international company and have helped our clients raise $231 billion... and counting. Hartsook has earned, developed, and built its leadership role in the consulting fundraising profession. "Growing philanthropy has always been my goal. Successful fundraising is dependent on smart, thinking men and women, and we are proud to offer that to the world." Bob Hartsook, Founder and Chairman.


Hartsook Co-Founder Karin Cox Keynote for VFRI
Hartsook Co-founder Karin Cox presented the keynote address on Fundraising Leadership at the Virginia Fund Raising Institute conference in Charlottesville, Va. Drawing upon her decades of fundraising experience and insights from her book, Fundraising Leadership: The Essential Guide for Nonprofit Board Members Who Want to Make a Lasting Difference, Karin shared how board members can become more engaged and effective at growing philanthropy. Executive Vice President John Warren was also in Charlottesville, lending his expert advice.


Soon to be Released: $231 Billion Raised and Counting
Bob Hartsook's newest book will influence the way you view fundraising and how you raise money. As a professional fundraiser, consultant and a philanthropist in his own right, Bob - along with Matt Beem, Karin Cox and Associates - has brought together strategies for fundraising success from the extraordinary Hartsook team. According to Bob, "Growing philanthropy has been my goal. To reflect on the Hartsook consultants who have contributed to this book makes me very proud. Successful fundraising is dependent on smart, thinking men and women. In this book, we are proud to offer that to the world."

image Download Now! All Hartsook Books FREE on Kindle
Hartsook consultants have established themselves as some of the most influential professionals within the fundraising community. Now you can download the Hartsook library for FREE on Kindle through August 5.

Boy Scouts of America, Grand Teton Council in Idaho Enlists Hartsook
BSA Grand Teton Council (Idaho Falls, Idaho) has retained Hartsook for a pre-campaign study to support the Council's Scouting program taking place in its 17 Scout Districts. Hartsook has a long tradition of working with BSA Councils around the US and throughout Europe.

image New TJ Community Mission Foundation Raises $1 Million for New Hospice Home in Kentucky
The TJ Samson Community Mission Foundation (Glasgow, Ky., pop. 14,000) was established in 2015 to increase community engagement and advance philanthropy to support the region with exceptional healthcare programs, patient care and technology. Only six months into their campaign to establish the Shanti Niketan Hospice Home, they have raised over $1 million toward their $2.5 million goal with the help of Hartsook. The Shanti Niketan Hospice Home will provide end-of-life palliative treatment, physical comfort and emotional support for patients of all ages.
image First US Student Enrolled in UK's Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy
Deanna Nelson, Senior Director of Development/Major Gifts at Avila University has been accepted as the first American enrolled in the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, Plymouth University in the United Kingdom. Deanna will pursue a PhD Marketing degree online and travel to the UK annually for onsite course work.

Hartsook's Growing Philanthropy Tour
Hartsook speakers are members of the Hartsook team of professional fundraising consultants who have, in their collective careers, raised more than $231 billion and counting in their 300-plus years of experience. Click here to see upcoming Growing Philanthropy Tour presentations. To view a sample of past presentations, click here. To schedule a Hartsook consultant to speak at your conference or organization, email Tammy at [email protected].


Hartsook Serves Nonprofits From Every Sector and Around the World
Whether a nonprofit is undergoing a multi-million dollar campaign or needs help growing its giving potential, Hartsook is committed to its clients' fundraising success. Hartsook clients represent a diverse group of nonprofits from a wide variety of sectors: education, healthcare, performing arts, social services, religious organizations, policy think tanks, assisted living, and many others. You can view a list of recent Hartsook clients here.


Looking for a Rewarding Career?
Hartsook Companies, Inc. expects to attract at least one hundred new fundraising managers over the next 36 months. Onsite fundraising managers will be deployed to projects throughout the United States and eventually in Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Hartsook is beginning the process of attracting those interested in joining the world's largest fundraising consulting practice. Placements will support fundraising for visual and performing arts, education, youth development, safety net, healthcare and international engagement organizations. If you are interested in learning more, contact Danny Kohrs, Vice President of Operations at [email protected].

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