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Karin L. Cox, MFA - Editor May 2017

Plymouth University Awards Bob Hartsook Honorary Doctorate
Plymouth University in the United Kingdom has selected Bob Hartsook to receive the coveted honor of an Honorary Doctorate in Business. An honorary doctorate is the highest award a university can confer, and Bob is the first non-UK resident to receive such a degree from Plymouth University.

"The University is able to honour individuals by means of its power to confer honorary degrees on those who have achieved great distinction in their professional lives and who have made contributions to society at large. The University is unanimous in wishing to recognise your outstanding achievements, in particular, your service to the field of philanthropy, promoting academic study and research and for your personal commitment to growing philanthropy around the world." Plymouth Vice Chancellor Judith Petts CBE.

Bob will receive his degree in September in Plymouth. This honor is a fitting tribute to the global impact Bob Hartsook has had on this firm, fundraising and philanthropy. To learn more about the many ways Hartsook can help your organization, email us at [email protected].


Founded in 1870, New Jersey Church Undergoes First Campaign in 25 Years

Central Presbyterian Church (Summit, N.J.) was founded on May 29, 1870. With well over a century of service, the church has grown and expanded its footprint and facilities. Now, 25 years since its last campaign, Central Presbyterian Church has retained Hartsook to assist in raising money to revive and update its facilities, including timeless treasures such as Tiffany stained-glass windows, stonework façade.

image Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita Seeks to Increase Its Impact

Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita (Wichita, Kan.) has served its community for over 30 years. The nonprofit provides and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. Last year, RMHC Wichita supported over 1700 families. The organization has sought fundraising counsel from Hartsook to increase its capacity to accomplish even more for more families in the region.


Broadcasters of America Foundation Retains Hartsook

Broadcasters of America Foundation's (New York) mission is to improve the quality of life and maintain the personal dignity of men and women in the radio and television broadcast profession who find themselves in acute financial need due to a critical illness, accident, advanced age or other serious misfortune. The organization began over 65 years ago out of a single act of kindness when broadcasting professionals stepped up to support a colleague in need. Decades later, the mission has grown to a national effort and has retained Hartsook to help the nonprofit extend its outreach and fulfill its mission.


"How to Kill Your Program" Featured in The NonProfit Times
Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer and Hartsook Co-Founder Karin L. Cox's article, How to Kill Your Program, was featured recently in The NonProfit Times. "Some institutions seem bent on making sure their estate giving programs don't grow and thrive. While reasons for marginalizing estate giving donors - and treating them as if they don't matter - aren't clear, these are highly effective strategies for discouraging planned gifts. It might take some work, but if you are trying to kill your estate giving program - perhaps permanently - do the following..." Go here to read more.


Book Deal of the Month

Fundraising Leadership: The Essential Guide for Nonprofit Board Members Who Want to Make a Lasting Difference (ASR Media) - an exciting book by Karin L. Cox - is the definitive source for empowering board members to become pro-active fundraising leaders.  Go here for a special price of $10 (plus shipping and handling).


Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy: Jessica Burgess

Jessica is a part-time PhD student with the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy (Plymouth University, Plymouth, U.K.), and a driven fundraiser with experience managing annual funds and nurturing donor relationships. Her greatest professional ability is to leverage strong relationships with colleagues, board members and staff to accomplish organizational goals with collaboration. According to Jess, the best part of working for charities is providing opportunities for people to connect with organizations in a meaningful and life-changing way.


Ask Hartsook!
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QUESTION: Our organization has board positions to fill. Any tips for ensuring board members transition well?

Having the wrong people at the helm can be unhealthy for an organization and lead to bigger problems down the road. Once identified, ensure prospective board members understand the organization beyond what they thought they knew. Help clarify - early on - the things current board members wish they had known: What is the organization's reputation in the community? How are its leaders regarded? What is the relationship of the board and staff? What is the board's financial standing? What is its fundraising track record? No surprises. For board members, just as with donors, communication conveys appreciation and builds a foundation for growing trust.

- John Warren, Executive Vice President (Winchester, Va.)


Strategies for Success: Time to STOP!

STOP stands for Situation, Threat, Observation and Plan. It is a survival technique used by military members and survival enthusiasts. It is also useful for organizations experiencing hardships or increased challenges in their development endeavors. Organizations needing immediate direction and guidance with any unusual circumstances may need to STOP, before they start. Go here to read more.


Hartsook's Growing Philanthropy Tour

Hartsook speakers are members of the Hartsook team of professional fundraising consultants who have, in their collective careers, raised more than $231 billion and counting in their 300-plus years of experience. Click here to see upcoming Growing Philanthropy Tour presentations. To view a sample of past presentations, click here. To schedule a Hartsook consultant to speak at your conference or organization, email Tammy at [email protected].


Hartsook Serves Nonprofits From Every Sector and Around the World

Whether a nonprofit is undergoing a multi-million dollar campaign or needs help growing its giving potential, Hartsook is committed to its clients' fundraising success. Hartsook clients represent a diverse group of nonprofits from a wide variety of sectors: education, healthcare, performing arts, social services, religious organizations, policy think tanks, assisted living, and many others. You can view a list of recent Hartsook clients here.


Looking for a Rewarding Career?

Hartsook Companies, Inc. expects to attract at least one hundred new fundraising managers over the next 36 months. Onsite fundraising managers will be deployed to projects throughout the United States and eventually in Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Hartsook is beginning the process of attracting those interested in joining the world's largest fundraising consulting practice. Placements will support fundraising for visual and performing arts, education, youth development, safety net, healthcare and international engagement organizations. If you are interested in learning more, contact Danny Kohrs, Vice President of Operations at [email protected].

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