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April 20, 2016

Plan to Grow Fundraising

imageYour strategic plan is the most powerful fundraising tool in your arsenal. Without a strategic plan, whether or not you will be successful as a leader or as a fundraiser is just a shot in the dark, but with a plan you can set the framework for successful fundraising. Remember, the funds are the necessary link between your vision and meaningful action. A strategic plan will help you meet your fundraising goals and enable you to carry out your mission.

Here are three things your strategic plan should do:

Define your mission
Develop a clear purpose and vision to define the future for your organization's work. Are you clear about what your organization's purpose is and what it isn't? If you were to hold a celebration in 10 years, what accomplishment would you be celebrating? Craft a vision statement that is compelling and promotes a desirable outcome. Donors want to know what they are supporting!

Involve the people who support you
Involve key groups in the planning process. Who cares about your vision? Board, staff, volunteers, clients, community partners and donors all have a commitment to your mission and vision. Their insights can build alignment and reinforce their commitment to solving the issue you are addressing. Report on your progress to keep everyone on board.

Develop a budget
Develop a budget to achieve the strategic plan. No money, no mission. What is it going to cost to achieve the plan? Be detailed with your plan and hold the organization accountable to the budget you create. Knowing exactly what you need and where it all goes plays a huge role in your ability to fundraise effectively and reassure donors that their gifts are helping to meet specific needs.

A strong strategic plan can provide alignment of resources for maximum effectiveness. Donors want to know that their contributions will make a difference!

Karen Haren, Executive Vice President (Kansas City)


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August 2016

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