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June 15, 2016

When Your Giving Pyramid is a Rectangle

imageA need for more space at the headquarters of a 90-year-old national membership organization meant it was time to start a capital campaign. The organization had doubled its size, but had never conducted a true major gift campaign.

Everything was going smoothly until it came to constructing a giving pyramid. Since the organization didn't fit the standard pyramid model, Hartsook created a strategy to fit the organization.

Here are some tips to manage a non-traditional giving model:

Give your plan a reality check

Just because a pyramid model (where the tip is made of smaller levels of larger gifts and the base level contains many small gifts) is the standard, it doesn't mean this is right for every organization. Our nonprofit had only two prospects who could make six-figure gifts, but we had many very dedicated members with 30 years of continuous giving to the annual fund. The giving pyramid was more of giving rectangle with four levels of low to average size gifts with many gifts at every level.

Focus on relationships
We knew the importance of relationship, so a mass appeal was not going to raise a lot of money. We had to build on the relationships we had, while creating the capacity to make lots of personal asks.

Create campaign ambassadors
We created campaign ambassadors trained in the basics of making an ask - often remotely. Each ambassador was tasked with finding 10 people in their personal network with whom they could cultivate a relationship and solicit a pledge of $10,000 or more. The board and cabinet handled the top prospects, and the rest were reached through the ambassador program.

If your organization doesn't fit a standard model, be willing to get creative and adjust the model to fit your organization.

Bob London, CAE, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Executive Director (Independence, Mo.)


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