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October 31, 2016

Is Your Leadership Style Pro-Active or Protectionist?

imageSome leaders identify so closely with the organizations that strengths - passion and commitment - can turn to weaknesses. They begin to hold the reins so tightly, they risk bringing any forward motion to a screeching halt.

If you resent... I mean, "resemble," the paragraph you just read, here are a few tips intended to help:

Be pro-active
Has some upsetting setback, donor run-in or organizational crisis in the past initiated a fight-or-flight response in you? Are you leading out of pro-active optimism or fear-based protectionism? Find a fundraising professional or colleague who can help you get your hope back.

Assign tasks and empower others
How much have you moved onto your own plate? One executive director became so possessive of the flow of information that she wouldn't allow anyone else to answer the phone. Consequently, the machine rolled to voice mail most of the time and messages stacked up for days. Calls not returned in a timely fashion can prove costly. We recommend nonprofits return calls within 12 hours.

Change is not to be feared... welcome it
If you've become locked into a routine that's made you stressful and uptight, consider bringing in an objective, professional consultant to help dislodge the logjam and get things rolling.

Leaders who fall into this trap typically do so because they care so much, not because they care too little. Maybe it's time to pick up the phone and ask for help.

Bud Cooper, Executive Vice President (Kansas City) [email protected]


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