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November 21, 2016

Create Loyal Donors

imageOf course, directly asking for a gift is one of the obvious ways to create sustainable philanthropy. But before you ask, you must create donors who are so connected to the organization's mission, they are excited to partner with you by giving. Donor relationships must be properly cultivated.

Here are a few tips to increase donor loyalty and create a stream of giving from donors who are committed to your mission.

Donor Relationships
The relationships you build with donors - whether foundations, corporations, or individuals - are crucial to the mission. No donors, no mission. Identify individuals in the organization who can best connect with your donors. Often, it will be a staff or board member, but consider enlisting other volunteers or those outside your organization to deepen donor relationships.

Measurable Outcomes
Use metrics to assess your progress. Don't assume you've reached out to every donor with a personal connection in the last year. Set goals, keep records, and make sure you're working a strategic plan. Regularly educate board members on new initiatives and share success stories so they can be proactive advocates as well. Their friends and colleagues will be a great pool for uncovering new donors.

Communication Tools
Have you adjusted your communication tools to include social media? When was the last time you assessed your overall communication strategies? When it comes to cultivating donor relationships and building donor loyalty, good communication demonstrates appreciation for your donors' important role.

The time and resources you invest in donor cultivation to build donor loyalty will set you apart from other nonprofits and increase the return on your investment.

Matt Jones, Senior Consultant (Kansas City) [email protected]


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