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January 12, 2017

New Year, Timeless Tenets

imageIn 2017, it is more important than ever that fundraisers implement smart ideas to carry their campaigns to success.

Smart fundraisers shape their work around the following three timeless tenets:

Involvement leads to investment
Those who make the most significant gifts to campaigns are almost always involved in the organizations they support long before they are asked for money. From participation in events and activities to volunteering in programs and fundraising activities to committee and board service, our best donors are very often those who have already given significantly of their time and talent.

Integrated campaigns focus on donors first
Many institutions consider their fundraising activities in silos, but when planning for your next campaign for capital improvements and expansion, don't forget to include funding for operating and endowment support as well. Some donors may be interested primarily in gifts to things they can see and touch, but others may be compelled to support, for example, your annual programs or to help grow your endowment.

Give donors flexibility
When asking for a donor's consideration of a multi-year pledge, be sensitive to his or her unique circumstances. Those whose giving comes from earned income will have one set of considerations; those whose philanthropy stems from investments or who are giving gifts through real property will have a different set of concerns. Provide assurances that you understand the economics of giving. For example, if the donor intends to fulfill his or her pledge through gifts of stock, make the pledge payments' fulfillment contingent on the stock value being at or above the minimum value necessary to fulfill the pledge. Do the same with real property.

Today's fundraisers must be smart, strategic and lay the groundwork for their organizations' benefit, both now and in the future. By implementing these time-tested tenets, you will ensure greater fundraising success for the organization you serve.

Matt Beem, President and CEO (Kansas City) [email protected]
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