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June 20, 2017

Advancing Your Mission

imageAdvancing your organization's mission through philanthropy has less to do with lots of activity and more to do with targeted research and relationships. While raising money is always part of fundraising, dollars raised should be a natural byproduct of strong relational equity.

Relational equity
In real estate, leveraging one's personal resources and skill sets is referred to as investing sweat equity. In fundraising, leveraging your personal resources of relationships and relationship building is relational equity. Since your board members should be individuals of affluence and influence in the community, and because they already know about the great work you do, leverage those connections to broaden your base of support.

It's about trust

Once they know about the organization, prospective donors need to trust that their dollars will impact the mission in a positive and quantifiable way. They want their money to do more than "good things for people"; they want to know how you are going to spend the money and the specific outcomes to come. Transparency is crucial to showing both the need for support, how gifts to the organization will advance the mission and evidence that these outcomes are taking place. Don't just "expand capacity," "expand capacity from serving 1,000 families this year to serving 1,500 families next year."

It's about who you know
When it comes to volunteer fundraisers, it is about their relationships with the nonprofit and other friends of the organization. Successful nonprofits benefit from the relationships their board members, staff and volunteers have in the community. Everyone plays a role in growing philanthropy for the organization. Engaging personal relationships is a key method of increasing both donations as well as your pool of volunteers.

Nonprofit organizations need to do more than "work hard" and "do more." They need to use their relational equity to leverage opportunities to advance their mission and generate specific, measurable outcomes.

Geoff Burns, Vice President (Columbus, Ohio) [email protected]


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