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July 25, 2017

No Margin, No Mission

imageToo often, nonprofits that really need more funding "right now" may have a harder time raising money than those that have funding available for their current needs and some margin for the unexpected.

Even if organizations have similar, equally compelling missions, the nonprofit in greatest financial need often will have a harder time raising gifts than the one with all its ducks in a row.

Why is this, and how can you ensure your organization is financially secure and, therefore, more likely to be the recipient of major gifts? Here are a few tips:

No margin, no mission. Whenever an organization raises money out of its need, it could be perceived as a way of saying clients are not receiving all the services they should or at the highest level possible. When there is no financial margin, fundraising becomes the mission, and that is never what you want.

Major gifts are major. If your nonprofit believes: "We just need 1,000 donors to give $100" or "We need to raffle something" or "We need to do three events (and hope someone gives)" - it probably is time to change strategies. Research shows that 10% of nonprofits' donors give 90% of its gifts. If your top donors are not giving major gifts, building a financial margin will always be a challenge.

Client-centered fundraising. Your organization does not need money; your clients need services. Your organization does not need a new building; your clients need a more accessible location. Keep your requests client-centered, rather than organization-centered.

Sometimes, nonprofits will continue to "try harder," using the same strategies over and over. If you have no margin in your budget and want to change that, you may need to fundraise smarter, not harder. You probably need a fresh perspective and some new, proven strategies that can help you build margin, so you can get back to your mission.

Bud Cooper, Executive Vice President (Kansas City) [email protected]


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